Saturday, November 17, 2012

John Cole's Big Day!

I will save my official reflections for your actual birthday, John Cole, but wanted to document how much fun YOU had at your first birthday party today!  We had a low turnout from the baby set, but you loved having your Mom and Dad, big brother, Nana and Pop, Resa, Grandfather and Gran-Gran and KK and Kevin there to celebrate!  Mom is glad she got the balloons because you LOVED playing with them.  You even got one to stick on your head with static like your brother was doing.  You didn't eat altogether that much of your cake--which REALLY surprised me--but it may be because you were diagnosed with an ear infection yesterday and are just not yourself.  HOPEFULLY, you, your brother AND your Mom and Dad are going to be well for awhile...hopefully!

Thanks fam for coming out!  John Cole loves you all VERY MUCH!

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