Saturday, July 28, 2012

Bike Riding

I realize the pictures for this post are not terribly interesting--but since I kind of use this blog as my scrapbook I just wanted to take a second and post about my BIG BOY Preston!  Jeff took his bike to the bike shop today to have the chain fixed, and after some tweaking it is riding MUCH better.  Preston has been out riding it for an hour at least...some kind of record...and I think he has finally "gotten it."  But it may not be just the chain that has made him want to ride.  You see, my little boy has really turned into a big boy this Summer.  He can do all kinds of things by himself, has finally stopped the running away and really can be trusted to play just where he is supposed to.  However, even though he is really growing up he still needs to be carried down the stairs sometimes and tells me he loves me from the backseat at least once a day.  I guess I just wanted to write down how much he has changed over the Summer, and I really think he is ready for his Pre-K4 experience next year :)  Hope you are having a good one and staying cool!

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