Sunday, July 22, 2012

Time flies...

When you are having fun!  Its been a fun past few days/week and I just wanted to take a second and blog about the highlights :)

Mom, Kendal and I had a GREAT time shopping in Dallas last weekend!  Thanks, Jeff, for being on Daddy duty so I could go.  We left Ruston at 6am and were in Dallas....well, I better not make it a matter of public record but let's just say we made good time :)  I pretty much checked off everything on my list--including some pretty new bedclothes from Horchow Finale.  The bed is not 'finished' yet. but I'll post when it is!  We talked, ate some yummy meals and just enjoyed each others company.  So fun!

Then, it was three days of work for Mommy and while Nana was keeping the boys Wednesday she called me to tell me that John Cole was full out crawling!!  He has been really close for a long time, but he's definitely got it down pat now.  Had to include these two cute pics of him....he is just getting cuter by the day to me :)

The weekend has brought TWO big birthday celebrations.  We got together with friends Friday night to celebrate with Brian Smith at Squire Creek and made a trip to The Village in Shreveport last night to celebrate Hunter Smith, Nancy Hunt AND Jeff's summer birthdays.  The boys stayed with Grandfather and Gran-Gran last night (THANKS!) and so we got to stay out late but I am TIRED!

Hope y'all are doing well....more later....

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