Friday, July 13, 2012

Week in Review

It's been an eventful week for the Parker Family-that's for sure!  And as I sit here Friday afternoon, life is pretty much back to normal and for that I am sooo grateful!

First of all, P was busy this week going to Squire Creek's Pee-Wee tennis camp.  He had a BLAST--even asked me for a tennis net at home.  CHECK!  Think I'll put it away for his birthday, though.  I took these pics at the little "awards" ceremony this morning.  Preston won the "Best Forehand" award.  He was terribly pleased with himself, and feigned embarrassment for just one second, before going back to his normal self :)  I have mentioned before that I am SUPER impressed at how well Katherine Reigleman instructs these kiddos and she did not disappoint.  This will be a yearly tradition I am sure...

Secondly, I worked 30 hours this week.  WHOA!  For me that is a lot, doing it again next week too, but even though Miss Paige is basically our nanny while I am at work there is A LOT to do when I get home at night.  I am REALLY going to cut back on work in the Fall (really Jeff, I am!) but for the summer while Miss Paige is available and I can pretty much work as much as I want I am going to keep on trucking....

And last but CERTAINLY not least, the Master shower project was complete yesterday!  YIPEE!! Now, let me be clear that I would have been perfectly fine with our shower just the way it was.  We would never have ripped up a perfectly good shower for aesthetic reasons.  BUT can I say that I love it so much that all of the hassle (and sack crete dust) were almost worth it.  I did say ALMOST....Hoping to shower in it tonight!!

To close I wanted to chronicle I am letting the boys bathe together now--P has been BEGGING me to bathe with John Cole for months--and it is SO GREAT!  They both have a great time :)

More later

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