Friday, August 3, 2012

Dog Days

Whew it's HOT!  If you have never lived South of the Mason-Dixon line in August (and September for that matter!) you don't know what the dog days of Summer are!  So, we are making the best of it and coming up with other (indoor) things to do :)

Certainly not just for amusement was our trip down to Ball Wednesday to see the boys great-grandparents.  I am so glad we made the trip because it was so good just to spend time with them. Nana came with us to and although it was a short stay I really feel like they got to see a lot of the boys and we all got a chance to visit.

Yesterday, I got a text from a friend who said a group of moms were going to rent out the indoor jumpy place in town and split the cost and she wanted to know if I was interested....YES PLEASE!  P is a little ball of energy and it's just about to hot even to go to the pool!  So, he went all out for 2 hours--his hair was DRIPPING WET when we left--and John Cole even got in on the action.  John Cole woke up this morning with a runny nose, so letting him get on the jumpys may not have been my best parenting move, but it was hard for me not to because he wants to PLAY!  In the last day, he has started to want to stand up ON HIS OWN!  Of course, he falls flat on his bottom after a few seconds but he is certainly TRYING.  Whew...we really are going to have a walker soon...

I digress.  So after the jumpy playdate we headed to Outback to celebrate Daddy's 35th birthday!  It was, of course, not a relaxing meal but to see Jeff surrounded by his two boys made my heart so full.  We made a quick trip to Academy for soccer shorts and some UnderArmour (I guess I'm getting on the bandwagon :) , hit up the Orange Leaf, then headed home. 

Today is a day of getting ready for THE BEACH!  We leave in the morning.  Please pray for our safe travels and sanity for me in the car....

Hope you are staying cool!

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