Wednesday, August 22, 2012

9 Months Old!

You are 9 months old today John Cole!  You are growing up so fast right before my eyes so I just wanted to post a little about you and your precious personality.

I do not take you for your check-up until Friday, and since you have been so well all Summer I have no idea how much you weigh.  You were looking like you were slimming up--but now that your tastebuds have changed I think you've put on a few :)  Yes, John Cole, you will eat baby food if it is your only option but it is NOT your favorite.  You will literally eat ANYTHING if Mommy puts a small enough piece in your mouth.  You eat : bread, lunchmeat, cheese, avocado, tomato, watermelon, mashed potatoes, cooked spinach, roast beef, canteloupe, bananas, french fries, you had some of brothers cake/ice cream....I could list all day but basically you like it ALL!  I have always heard of kids that will "eat anything" and truth be told I thought the parents were just exaggerating or something because as picky as Preston is I just thought that was NOT POSSIBLE but you may prove to be like that.  I SURE HOPE SO!

You are still on Enfamil and take 4 (8 ounce) bottles a day.  Also, unlike your brother, you know when to say when.  Sometimes you suck the bottle dry and sometimes you want to play and just take half of it.  Fine by me as I can certainly tell you are growing.  I am really excited about the formula countdown.....three more months....hooray!

You still just have the two bottom teeth showing but you are cutting FOUR at the top right now.  I am not an expert, but I have spent some time looking in your mouth, and I predict that they are all gonna come in right together.  You have been showing some of the classic teething signs--but even on your bad day you are a doll :)

Which brings me to your are a dream!  You are doing better in the carseat since the beach so I don't know what was wrong.  Maybe your little runny nose was making you congested and you couldn't breathe?  Who knows.  Mommy has bought brother a new booster and has cleaned up/bought new covers for P's old carseats so I plan to put you backwards in a big seat this week or next.  I digress.  YOU ARE SUCH A GREAT BABY!  You love to chase your brother and do your best to participate in what he is doing.  You pant when you are really excited about something.  You still love your little blue car and will sit outside and watch your brother for literally an hour just smiling and walking along.  Your main exercise consists of climbing the stairs--and you are quite good at it.  You can do "patty cake" all by yourself when asked.  You do not say any words really....but babble all the time.

Your family loves you so much John Cole!  Happy 3/4 Birthday!

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