Monday, August 20, 2012

The party must go on....

It has really not rained much here ALL SUMMER--especially in the morning hours--so I did not think one thing about scheduling a pool party for Preston in August from 10-12.  Did not even give it a second thought......maybe I should have.

We woke up Saturday morning to some clouds but I was still optimistic. Sure enough at 9:50 it started sprinkling.  By the time all of the kids arrived the BOTTOM FELL OUT and the wind was blowing the rain in torrents.  At 11:50, as the children were leaving, the sun came out.  Go figure.  But the party went on!!  Thankfully Squire Creeks toy closet was amply supplied with things to do that the kids could play with inside.  Not what I envisioned....but it had to do :)

Not sure what P will remember about this birthday party.  The marker sword wars?  The hula hoop competition?  His birthday kiss from Ally?  I guess I might never know.  What I will remember is how old he looks to me in these pictures, and that it really does feel like he is growing up.

Have a great week!

***HUGE thanks to the extremely talented Sarah Jeffords for capturing these images.  I have 238 if any of you family types are interested in seeing them all :)

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