Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Baby Parker 13 weeks

I don't rememeber when it was exactly, about a week ago I think, that I actually prayed that I would feel nauseated because I have felt SO GOOD this pregnancy that I was scared something was wrong. Well, God did answer that prayer the very next morning, and how happy I was!! But, now that I have reached the 13 week mark (today I think I am right at 13 weeks, baby measured anywhere from 12w5d to 13w1d on different measures...I'm calling it 13 weeks) I am pretty sure I was just incredibly blessed and had a VERY great first trimester. Jeff came with me to the perinatologist today, and the two hour wait was well worth it when we saw baby Parker just flipping and waving at us. I won't bore you with all of the stats we had to pour over with the MD today, but we decided to go ahead with the screening test for Downs and should get those results in a week. Truth be told, I have a REALLY GOOD FEELING that this baby is PERFECTLY healthy. Because our Downs baby had a condition called "hydrops" which really just means excess fluid, we are always on the lookout for fluid in places it shouldn't be and today everything looked GREAT! The only downer was that MD would not say anything about the sex, even if he had an opinion, and you KNOW I was asking. Oh well, he wants to see me on 6/28 so having that date on the calendar when I KNOW we can tell is very reassuring to planner over here.

Getting excited about wedding weekend!! Lots of fun posts coming soon! THANKS for your prayers--we feel them, we really do!

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The Dugdale Family said...

Sounds like everything is good! I'll be praying that this is a healthy baby....I hate you didn't get to find out the sex. Call Stork Vision!