Sunday, June 5, 2011

Wedding Weekend

The Parker family is all laying pretty low this Sunday afternoon after a busy--and very fun-wedding weekend celebrating with Kendal and Kevin Singh! The only pictures I have are from the rehearsal dinner, but hope to order a lot from the wedding because Kendal is purchasing the "rights" to print her own pics. I really think besides minor details, the whole thing went off without a hitch and that is definitely a testament to Kendal and Mom's diligent planning. There was a small hiccup with Preston waking up with pinkeye Saturday morning, but a dentist and pharmacist in the house helps to get meds ASAP. We also made sure K-K had some pinkeye medicine to take to Hawaii....just in case :)

First we had the rehearsal dinner hosted by Kevin's family. It was held in Natchitoches at Merci Beucoup and was a very nice night. There were many sweet toasts and you could definitely tell how much these two are loved. A toast of note was my Dad, who did such a great job and I am sure it meant a lot to Kendal. I got through my toast without the aid of any wine (ha!) and Jeff had a few funny things to say.....

We had a bridesmaids luncheon Saturday morning, then the usual getting hair done, makeup done and picture time with all of the families before the ceremony. Kendal was a BEAUTIFUL bride, and all of her choices of flowers, attire, etc. were just perfect. I loved her pink peony bouquet!! The ceremony was beautiful, and reverent, which I KNOW is what Kendal wanted. And can I tell you the Preston Luke Parker was a CHAMPION walking my great-grandfathers Bible down the aisle with ALL of those people watching..and he walked ALL BY HIMSELF!!! I told someone in my family that I was BEAMING with pride that he simply walked--that I can only imagine how proud I will be when he hits it out of the park!! (or makes a hole-in-one, or wins the race.....) We had bribed him for two days with a Lightning McQueen RED racecar and he got it on the way to the reception :) The Civic Center was decorated beautifully for the reception, and the food was excellent. The band was great--they needed a little "crowd management" help but their sound was great. (All the people would get out on the floor then they would play some random song that was impossible to dance to.....but they were good!)

This morning my Mom hosted a brunch for the family still in town and when we left they were going to take a NAP! Hope you got a good one Mom :)

Hope you enjoy the pictures and I hope to have some actual wedding pics soon!

PS--Thanks Kristy for being "photographer!"

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The Dugdale Family said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend. I cant wait to see wedding pictures. I know kendal was gorgeous. I hate that we had to miss - georgia got sick so i couldnt leave her with a sitter. Looking forward to hearing all the details!