Saturday, November 27, 2010

This and That

Just wanted to take a second to post about our last few days....

We spent Thanksgiving day in Olla at Jeff's Uncle Jimmy's camp. They have a huge place for deer hunting and a really nice house so it was a great spot to meet. I did not get ANY good pictures of Preston, but love this one where he is running from his cousin Parker...Preston had a the time of his life with his cousins/second cousins :)

I am not much for shopping in the middle of the night, nor do I really like to fight crowds, so we spent yesterday decking the halls of Creeks Edge. It was not a day without drama, as the new 7 1/2 ft. tree was so small when I got it out of the box so I sent Jeff to Shreveport to exchange it for the 9 ft model. I should have known what was comning when it cost double the one we had...and boy I knew why when I got it out of the box. IT IS HUGE! I usually put the tree in the dining room, but is is now in the family room because that's the only place it would fit :) After a LONG day the inside AND outside are DONE! for the fun stuff!

Jeff did not want to pose for a picture with his Christmas present but since we are agreed it is his Christmas/Valentines/Presidents Day/Groundhog Day(you get the drift)..I wanted to get a picture. He tried to take Preston for a ride yesterday afternoon and Preston would have NOTHING to do with it. We'll see if he changes his mind.

And lastly, we welcomed a new member to our family last night-"Buddy"-who is our Elf on the Shelf. I have already used the treat of Santa once this season, and really think Buddy may actually work. He was waiting on Preston this morning where he eats his breakfast and will hopefully lead to successful mealtimes all day today....

Hope you are having a great holiday!

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The Dugdale Family said...

I LOVE the Elf on the Shelf. Ours is Ralphie....such a fun Christmas idea!