Monday, November 22, 2010

Fair Weather Fan

Ok, ok I know I was cheating on the SAINTS just a little bit yesterday while rooting for the COWBOYS against the Detroit Lions, but we were having so much fun I couldn't help myself :) Resa and Miss Paige split watching Preston for the day/night, and Jeff and I made a WHIRLWIND trip to Dallas to see this game with some good friends. We were celebrating Katie Hall's ** birthday, and it was a really good time. (and the COWBOYS won!) Now I will admit that sometime after getting caught in game traffic AND wreck traffic on the way home we thought, "WHY DID WE DO THIS AGAIN?" But a quick stop in Shreveport for some Superior with Trotter and Nancy helped...

Happy Birthday Katie!!

And I also wanted to tell you all thanks for praying for Papa. It is amazing how you can really tell when prayers are being lifted and I am SO grateful. He DID get well enough to go to HealthSouth and has been there a week today. He has lost some of his fluid weight and gets stronger every day....but still has a way to go. My new prayer is that he gets strong enough to go home soon, and that when he gets there he can adjust well to the new "normal" in his life. (He was driving a 4-wheeler around his pasture just three weeks ago...siting inside will be a MAJOR adjustment....)

Hope you are having a great week!

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Halls said...

so glad yall were able to make it!!! Thanks for making my birthday that much more special!