Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Very Happy Halloween

Preston had a big night for his first "real" Trick-or-Treat experience. I was so excited to put his little "cowboy" costume on him...he looked REALLY cute :) He did some "shooting" with his cork gun I got him in Canton while we were at home...but we didn't make it anymore with that accessory. Oh well. We started our night out at K-K and Kevin's house and Preston had the "trick-or-treat" down. What can I say we have been practicing :) It was leaving there that we ran into what would be our problem for the night. Preston wanted to consume EVERYTHING he got RIGHT THEN. So, after eating the candy he got at his first stop while we were en route, we headed to Resa's. Same deal. I did get one gigantic Tootsie pop away...but he ate everything else!
We then headed to Nancy and Trotters for what was their neighborhood block party they were so gracious to invite us to. Preston forgot about sweets for just a minute while he jumped on the trampoline and jumpy. But when he saw another little boy with a cookie the gorging began. We went on a little hayride to do our actual trick-or-treating and it was a battle for me to get anything in Preston's bucket. He pretty much ate it all. I don't know how he did it!!! But he had a great time!
We hung out at the Hunts for a little longer but realized we had a tired little buckaroo and headed home. I have to say a huge thanks to Nancy and Katie for having us and to my super sweet husband who had a birthday cake made for me and snuck it over to the party yesterday afternoon without my knowing. He really is a sweetheart--I hope I'm not embarrasing him but it is true :)
Oh yeah, yesterday was my 32nd birthday and it may have been my most special yet. Having your child tell you Happy Birthday is just the best. Thanks to any of you who sent me a card, text, fb message-anything! You really made my day great!!
Have a great week!

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Katie Best Clark said...

Great time at the party! Preston is such a cutie pie!!