Saturday, October 9, 2010

Bathroom Complete....well, sort of

First of all can I just say that if you had seen the Master Bathroom in this house before we moved in, you would NOT recognize it now. We have pretty much redone everything, with the exception of the floors, which I have scrubbed on my hands and knees with white vinegar and bleach more than I care to remember.....but it was WORTH it!

You spend a lot of time in your Master Bath, and Jeff and I both decided that if we were to stay in this house a little facelift was definitely in order. The biggest change is the countertops--gray formica to this beautiful slab of black granite. HUGE improvement. The walls and cabinets got a new paint job, we installed new sinks, faucets, etc. and my FAVORITE is the wallpaper in the potty room. The curtains took a while to get done...and they came this week...and I was so excited until I realized that--

THE CURTAINS WERE MADE WITH THE WRONG SIDE OF THE FABRIC :( When Jodi and the installer walked in with them I thought to myself, "that's not the fabric I picked out!" But because my mommy brain is in full effect and I really thought I was losing my mind I didn't really say anything. UNTIL that night while I was showering it HIT me. Luckily, I had snapped a pic of the chocolate brown side on my phone so I could confirm these curtains are BACKWARDS! Which leads me to the reason for my post...

Although I have been assured that ripping these curtains apart at the seams and remaking them will turn out just fine, it scares me a little bit. There isn't any more fabric in Monroe or Shreveport sooooooo should I just leave them or roll the dice and have them redone. The other side of the fabric is chocolate brown with robins egg blue flowers...much more of a contrast. This almost is too matchy for me....but it is kind of growing on me. Opinions are welcomed :)

Have a great weekend!


The Dress Obsessed said...

love the bathroom shelly. i think you should go for the chocolate brown side of the curtains. it would really add a pop. everything will be fine i'm sure

The Allen's said...

not sure about the curtains, but that "potty room" wallpaper is amazing. i would want to spend all my time in there ... but not really!