Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Glimpse......and a WIN!

I could not resist posting these pictures Jeff took on his phone at the Tech game today--I thought they were all pretty funny! About our day: We arrived at the tailgate around noon, and we all enjoyed some great tailgate food courtesy of Jeff's Aunt Patricia. My favorite was the carnitas tacos with fresh homeade salsa but Jeff loved her roasted green chile soup. Delish! Preston was excited to get McDonalds chicken nuggets, but as you can tell he especially enjoys the desserts when he gets to go to TECH games :) After 3 hours of tailgaging we were ready to go to the game. Now, Preston had not had a nap at this point and both Jeff and I were quite concerned about how he would do at the game. Let me tell you he did NOT sit still for a second, BUT he didn't run away and was in a pretty good mood so I can't complain. He was then mesmerized by the band a halftime and was lulled into a pretty good sleep. He woke RIGHT up though when his little friend Ally came over to play. Can you tell that they are both "dancing" in the picture? Sooooooo cute! Anyway, the DAWGS pulled out a win, Preston was good, and tonight was a good night....more later....

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