Sunday, October 17, 2010

Big Weekend for a Little Boy!

Wow! What a busy and fun weekend we have had!! I am sorry that I didn't get better pictures of tailgating at Louisiana Tech's Homecoming game...but I did have my hands full :) We started tailgating at NOON and stayed for the WHOLE GAME! Now, I would not do this every day, but on special occasions it really isn't that bad if you have help. Thanks to all of my family who helped out-especially the Areigdales who came up for the game. Tech got a win and it was a good time for all....
Preston really needed GOOD nap today, and since we usually get off schedule on church days because he naps so late, Jeff and Preston stayed home this morning while I went to church to teach ECA. I've been teaching the same little group and it really is rewarding to see them catch on...I digress.
After Preston's 2 1/2 hour nap (YAY!) we headed to Trinity's Fall Festival. To say it was a good time is an understatement. Preston got his face painted for the first time--had a little breakdown when we had to wash it off he LOVED it!, rode on the hayride, got to eat fresh kettle corn, dug for "treasue" in the deer corn-his loot was a racecar and spider ring. Kids love cheap stuff. I digress again...
He then jumped in the jumpy, petted the donkey and did some playing on the playground before heading inside to see the show..
I got him a hot dog and as you can see all he ate was the cheetos. Go figure. Anyway, he really enjoyed all of the music and even clapped for the men's quartet, but HAD to get on the stage when Resa entered the twist competition. Ally came up to join along and as you can see they are cutting a rug!
We are home now. I guess no supper tonight. At least he drank some V8 fusion juice. I am so ashamed.....but we did have FUN! Have a great week everyone!

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Halls said...

looks like you had a great weekend!! Super cute