Sunday, June 27, 2010

Weekend Part Two: No Parking on the Dance Floor!

"I DID IT!" was what Preston exclaimed when the wedding party was leaving the sanctuary and I have never BEEN so relieved. You see, Preston Luke is a little ball of energy, and sitting still and being quiet are NOT his strongsuits. However, he proved me WAY wrong by being a little PRINCE at his second cousins' wedding last night :) Now, he did eat a bag of fruit loops, about 15 jelly beans and "colored" all over the prayer concern cards at the church...but HE DID IT!
Next, we headed over to the reception which was held at the ULM Library on the 7th floor. I have never been to a wedding reception there but it was really nice. Preston was literally comatose by the time we arrived, but that did not stop him from doing plenty of dancing--and CLOWNING---on the dance floor. He LOVED watching the college kids dance, and they were all cheering for him and taking his picture--it was just so cute!
Another bright note is that Jeff seems to be over the worst part of the pinkeye. Thanks goodness! I know how painful it can be.
Our kitchen/bath mini-remodel starts tommorow so I may be absent for a while. Hope you are having a great summer!!

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