Sunday, July 4, 2010

Preston's Vacay 2010

Since we cancelled our trip to the beach this year because of the oil spill (JUST a personal decision--that actually involved other factors than the oil spill but it was the main reason), we had to rearrange our plans for the summer. Jeff and I found a great deal on a trip to Napa in a couple of weeks, but we thought Preston needed his own "vacation." I had been wanting to see what the Great Wolf Lodge was all about and Jeff has always wanted to take Preston to the Ft. Worth Zoo (one of the top five in the nation and I see why now!) Sooooo, we decided to head over for the 4th of July weekend. We were also VERY glad that Nana joined us for the trip. I think Preston may think she is moving in and is going to MISS her :)
There is NO WAY I can put all of the cute pics I took, but I will try to post my faves. I will download the rest to a Kodak album and shoot it to family, and I may put up a few on facebook...we'll see..
Friday night was Preston's first night in a "big boy bed" and didn't this picture turn out cute??? None of us got very much sleep that night--the hotel room was smoky, YUCK!--but I had to document.
Saturday morning we headed to the zoo and were there when the doors opened. We saw the WHOLE thing, and it was definitely the high point for Preston. I would say his favorites were the turtles, fish, monkeys and parrots--but it is hard to say because he mostly loved everything :)
When we were planning this trip, we hoped that after our lunch Saturday Preston would nap on the way to Great Wolf....this did NOT happen :( So, needless to say, we had a sleepy baby boy on our hands when we arrived. We did get straight into our suits before we even checked in, but Preston was SO INCREDIBLY TIRED he wasn't even having fun. We were actually afraid he was going to hurt himself. Sooooo, we got into our room and took a catnap. Afterward we swam, cleaned up, ate, went to storytime and went to BED! We did get in some better swim time this morning..and Preston discovered the jetskis :)
After some shopping and lunch at the Rainforest Cafe today, we headed home and are ready to get back on some sort of routine. We did have a BLAST though and know this is just a taste of fun family vacations to come. Hope you are having a Happy 4th!!!

PS: Sorry to Nana that I don't have a picture of you on here! You KNOW how hard I try to get a picture :)

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The Tylers said...

Glad y'all had a great time on your vacation. This must have been last minute! I definitely want to take the children to the FW zoo. Looks like fun!