Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pigskins and Pearls

Although I will admit some of the technical football jargon went WAY over my head, it was very interesting to meet and greet with some TECH BULLDOGS and have a fun girls lunch today at Pigskins and Pearls. Glad to have this picture with my Mom, as we don't take many of these nowadays :)
I have already misplaced my brochure with the section entitled: "Football Phrases to Impress Your Man" but I did remember some of them and tried them out tonight during dinner. Jeff was in stiches...
Oh, and one last thing, hats off to Amy Stegall for asking the question about the laundry. Who knew they do A TON OF LAUNDRY A DAY in football season. WOW! I guess I shouldn't ever complain :) Have a great weekend!

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