Saturday, June 26, 2010

Weekend, Part 1

All of the Parkers are just waking from a much needed Saturday afternoon nap-we have had a busy weekend so far so I thought I would take a second to post.....
We had a very special evening last night at my cousin Cole's Rehersal Dinner at Bayou DeSaird. I added a picture of the flowers because my Aunt Kristy is a very active member of the Monroe Garden Club and their flower additions really were just GORGEOUS! The food was delicious as well--they even used bounty from their own garden and it really made for a special meal....a good time was had by all :)
This morning, Jeff woke up with the PINKEYE, so Resa was kind enough to help me take Preston to the Peach Festival. Granted, I could have done it by myself, but an extra hand SURE IS NICE! It was pretty hot, so we didn't stay too terribly long, but we did attend the parade (can't you see the JOY on his face?), do some shopping, and of COURSE Preston had some Peach ice cream! We are all about to get ready for the wedding--keep your fingers crossed that Preston makes it through!!

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