Saturday, February 28, 2015

Preston's BIG Weekend!

Preston has had a BIG 36 hours as he got to have two very special experiences this weekend.  First, he was the SUPER SCIENTIST at school and got to present the project we did at home to his class Friday afternoon.  It was so cute how he acted a little SHY (which we ALL know he isn't) when he first got up there but he quickly got into the groove and did a great demonstration of Newton's 2nd Law of Motion.  I was so proud that he actually understands the science (physics, actually) of his experiment...even if it was made of LEGO cars....

And I will have to be honest.  I have somewhat dreaded having a friend over to spend the night.  You all know I am pretty regimented, and so are my boys, and I have just feared the unknown of having another child over but BOY was I mistaken.  Preston had his very first sleepover last night (a little happy to celebrate his 1/2 birthday) and it was FUN!  Our guest George was just a doll.  They played outside for just a bit (it's COLD!), took an extra long hot shower, watched movies, played Candyland, ate pizza for supper and donuts for breakfast (P's favorite part) and of course built some more LEGO balloon cars to race down the stairs.  THEY WENT RIGHT TO SLEEP AND SLEPT TIL 7am!!  Pretty great.

Mucho thanks to Nana as she has kept John Cole for a few days so I could just concentrate on Preston ....oh and I think she wasn't sad to have some JC time. :)  Thanks Nana!

Now to the paint store.  It's all fun and games til you realize you are touch up painting the wrong color.  OOPS!  Gotta get the house in ship shape for Baby Singh's shower next weekend.  Until then....

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