Thursday, February 26, 2015

Once every 15 years....

As best Jeff and I can remember, it has been 15 years since we got this much snow.  We remember because we were driving in it trying to get from Monroe to Shreveport and we had to turn around and go home New Year's Eve 2000.

Yesterday was just MAGICAL!  The boys were loving every minute and I think will actually both remember their first REAL snow day.  John Cole was especially cute all bundled up in his ski clothes that are a little too small wearing boots that were a little too big :)  Jeff and I just watched them it was quite entertaining.

These FOUR snow days have been just the best time for us to slow down, snuggle and really enjoy family time together.  Can't remember the last time we were playing board games WITH Daddy on a weekday.  Good stuff.

Now, this Winter has been great.  IS IT TIME FOR SPRING YET???

More later...

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