Thursday, June 27, 2013

Greetings from Ch-Yo-Ca

     I had never heard of this AMAZING place in Calhoun until this Spring.  A sweet Pharmacist I work with mentioned she was sending her daughter to Camp Ch-Yo-Ca, a Christian camp,and that she had been going since she was Preston's age.  I called the lady in charge and was super impressed by what she had to say and decided to sign Preston up.  The more I learn the more I like.  Google it if you have the time and see how much FUN these kids are having...all the while learning and growing in their Lord and Savior.  My favorite thing is they announce when youth/young adults come to know Christ on their FACEBOOK page!  (Most of the campers are older and spend the night and have Worship in the evening.) Now if that isn't using social media positively I don't know WHAT is!!!  I am so grateful for all the precious people who are making this place possible. Can't wait for closing ceremonies :)

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