Wednesday, June 5, 2013

We're Building (June 2013 Edition)

It has been said that you live and you learn.  Happens to me on just about a daily basis.  This house building process has surely been a learning experience thus far, and I know I have WAY more to learn.  You see, the picture of the house plan I posted  a few months ago WAS the house we thought we were going to build when we sold our house, packed up all of our earthly possessions, put a large portion of them in storage, and moved to one of the beautiful spec houses at The Orchards at Squire Creek.  It was a beautiful plan--that we found out was just going to be too expensive to build.  There were many factors that lead to our first plan being too pricey for us--we have Soham plans for sale for any of you that would like to look, lol!--but the biggest was the necessity for a retaining wall that was going to really increase costs.  Sooooooo, after much thought and prayer, and trying to make small changes to make it doable, Jeff and I decided it was best for our family to go back to the drawing board.  So that is what we did. AND....VOILA!  Clayfield Place!  The plan we have loved for years that just needed a little tweaking.  We moved a couple of things around downstairs--namely putting in a "catchall" space and adding a gorgeous outdoor room that will accomodate the water view--and added a playroom upstairs and now this house is AWESOME!  They are framing it now and have plywood up so you can walk through the rooms downstairs and I am officially getting excited!  I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to build a home AND for the precious men in my life that will fill the rooms.  I will be keeping you posted about the process...but for to browse online fabric stores!  

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