Sunday, June 23, 2013

Summer Happenings

Another busy week here at the Parker household!  We had a great Father's Day as Pop (and Nana too!) came up for Worship , lunch at The Orchards and a quick visit.  The boys were supposed to play golf but that didn't happen in the rain...raincheck Pop!

VBS started up Monday and I loved teaching the music to the little kids.  They sang two songs in church this morning and I was truly impressed with all they have learned.  Can't wait to do it again next year!

Of course, we have been doing other Summer things too like hanging at the pool and catching frogs?  Yep, the green tree frog pictured here Preston caught Thursday afternoon.  Whew--little boys are something else :)

And Saturday was SUPER busy as Jeff and Preston rode in the Peach parade and I judged the Dixie Gem Peach pageant.  So proud of the CTB girls who brought home the first place prize for the 50's diner theme!   Wish I had the paper to scan the pic of Jeff and P on the front page of the Leader this am...aren't they cute!  Don't worry I will get it on here :)

Hope your Summer Happenings are in full swing as well!  Until next time.....

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