Saturday, July 6, 2013

Family Beach Trip 2013

It's no secret I LOVE the beach! I love the sun (too much!), I love the laid back vibe and I love the idea of being together with NO PRESSURE to go do or see anything!  Just having your coffee or eating your lunch by the pool or laying in the sun IS your activity for the day :)

We had a blast on our week long trip to Orange Beach.  We ran into lots of friends.  We enjoyed our third ride on the Cold Mill Fleet Dolphin Cruise.  I went to the Florabama --YIKES!  We took family beach pics that I can't wait to order.  We went to the outlets. We went to The Track.  Preston went on his maiden crab hunt and came home with 6 crabs! We saw Despicable Me 2.  We went The Hangout for the 4th....and had a prime table to watch the fireworks...which did not happen because of the wind-oh well.  We enjoyed all of the activities there.  Jeff and I got to exercise together which we NEVER get to do and truly love. We loved having Miss Kelli with us.  Preston was a BREEZE--truly he did great and was really easy.  John Cole did pretty well himself.  He can sit/dive off the side of the pool now and swim across..all the way have to see it!  We had a great time.

Hope you had a Happy 4th!

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