Saturday, December 8, 2012

Breakfast with Santa 2012

Well, I am the only person awake around here right now after getting home from what has become a yearly tradition--Breakfast with Santa at Squire Creek!  Mommy and Daddy went out with some friends last night and the boys stayed with their Grandfather and Gran-Gran (THANKS!) so after this fun morning we are all pretty tired...but it is so worth it to make these precious memories!!

Santa was running a little late this morning so my plan of being WAY early (shocker!!) kinda backfired as John Cole had to spend time  in the stroller while we waited #3 in line for Santa but he did ok...especially considering he's been up since 4am.  The boys did GREAT with Santa...quite frankly I think John Cole was too tired to fuss and Preston was all about giving him his NEW requests.  We asked him why he didn't tell him the things he's asked for previously and he said, "Well, I already told him those things."  Good point.

I think P had already had a good breakfast but he made room for a little more and John Cole was loving his pancake.  Mommy and Daddy went all out with a big breakfast and I probably won't eat much more today...but it was fun!  Preston then got to coloring and also did some cupcake decorating.  As you know that is right up his alley.  Lastly, we visited with the Dugdales for a while and I think this pic of P and Georgia is priceless :)

It was a great time.  Hope you and yours are enjoying this season.  More later...

PS--You may notice the medal P is wearing in most pis.  He got that yesterday at a birthday party and will not take it off.....

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