Friday, March 16, 2012


These past few days have been SO warm when I saw the Slip-n-slides out at Target I picked up one for P. Then, I realized he would have infinitely more fun with someone to slide WITH, so I set up a little playdate this morning. We invited Davis and Cullen, but since Cullen was not feeling well just Davis came over this morning for some ALL BOY fun :)

It was actually a little chilly this morning, so before I even set up I asked Amanda if it was ok wih her for Davis to get wet. She was cool with it so we were good to go. Can I tell you they LOVED the Slip-N-Slide? Really, it was love. And what I could not get over was how fast they would run and HARD they would fall. I would love to have a playdate for P's little girl friends but honestly had they been here today we would have had to separate them! But as with any toy for a preshooler, we were on to bigger and better things after about 30 minutes. We jumped on the trampoline, played with the Play-Doh, and capped off the fun with some watermelon. Davis did not want to leave when Amanda came back so that made me feel good :)

John Cole joined in for the first part of the action. I had him in the yard in his stroller. But watching those rowdy boys tired him out so he came in for a nap about halfway through. Can't wait for him to really be able to play....

Hope you are having a good Friday! Wish me luck as I run my first post-natal 5K tommorrow--the KD Shamrock run out at the Lincoln Parish Park. THAT COURSE IS HARD!

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The Dugdale Family said...

What a fun day!! Makes me ready for the pool :)