Sunday, March 25, 2012

Joyful Noise

This post is mainly for Preston's Nana as I am sure she would have driven from Winnfield to see his three minute first choir performance if she didn't have a choir performance of her own :)

Before I get to Preston, though, I would like to report that although he is not 100% I can tell John Cole is feeling a little better. He was up once in the night last night, not sure if he was hungry or just needed to suck to feel better, but here's hoping he makes it through the night tonight and is back to his normal low key self tommorrow. Not that he has ever been that bad...

This afternoon, P and I attempted to dye some Easter eggs. I did not buy the fancy kit, but I think I should have bought a little nicer one, as our eggs didn't turn out so hot. Have no fear, though, P thought it was a blast and he doesn't care that all three of his eggs are pink because that's the only dye that stuck....

On to the JOYFUL NOISE! I was one proud Mama watching P sing on stage at church for the first time. (I use the term sing very loosely.....but basically the girls were singing and the boys were standing there :) What I was proud of was that he stood like a soldier, followed directions and even sat with his family to watch the ENTIRE 45 minute older kids musical afterward. We are making great strides over here, and I am really enjoying this sweet time with my little man.

Thanks K-K for coming to see him sing--I could tell it really made him feel special

Have a great week!

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