Wednesday, February 15, 2012

John Cole is 12 weeks old!

John Cole will have his picture professionally taken next week at 3 months old, but I just wanted to take a second to document some things that my Mommy brain may not remember if I don't do it right now :)

John Cole you are THE BEST BABY! I know that typing that can not change your easy-going personality. As I sit here, you are just chilling in your bouncy seat, checking out the lights and sounds, with NO PACI or props. You are just content--and I know what a blessing that is!

You smile at me ALL THE TIME--you give me HUGE smiles when I sing to you. You have discovered your hands, and love to look at them. We are doing a little better at getting you on a feeding routine. Your Daddy has been taking your brother to school in the mornings, and I usually wake you around 7:45 when they leave for your morning bottle. You then usually eat around 10:30, 1:30 before we go get Preston, 4:30-5, then one big bottle around 8:00 for bedtime. You sleep overnight on your tummy (shhhhh, don't tell!) and we don't hear a peep out of you all night. YAY!

No real nap schedule yet. You get them when you can. If you are fussy I usually know you need a catnap. You may or may not get one until your brother throws a toy at you or blows his train whistle in your ear. What can you do?

Your K-K would be impressed with all of the new sounds you are making. You were really making some great tongue sounds yesterday. I love your baby talk. Need to do better at getting it on video. You also LOVE to do patty-cake :)

You look JUST LIKE YOUR DADDY! And I think you get your casual, laid back personality from him. (No comment on where Preston gets his high strung personality from, HA!) I don't know if that's why I am so in love with you--because it's no secret I am still smitten with your Daddy-but it might have something to do with it because I see him every time I look at you :)

You are wearing mostly all 6 month clothes. Some 3 month still fit--but just like P your are pretty much outgrowing them in the stride. I am so happy to see you growing and thriving.

For your next bottle I am switching you from the Enfamil "newborn" to the Enfamil "infant" because you are 12 weeks old. I hope the transistion is a smooth one. You are still taking your Zantac twice a day and are stillhaving rice cereal in your bottle too. I am not saying you NEVER spit up, or NEVER have gas, but for the most part you do not so I am not changing this up.

On an unrelated note, Jeff took me to Cotton last night for a V-day date and it was delicious! Def want to go back soon. I did not stay on my diet (and I am just like my Mom that rich restaurant food makes me nauseous when I am used to eating healthy) but I am not all that concerned about it because yesterday at weigh in I was at PRE-PREGNANCY WEIGHT! YIPEE! BodyBack is an awesome program and I have really enjoyed it. We have 2 1/2 more weeks....

Hope you are having a great week--more later! Feel better Nana!

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The Morrows said...

He is adorable! Just stumbled on your blog and saw we are in the same area. Too neat!
My hubby and I love Cotton too :)