Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Village

What a great night we had celebrating Katie Clark's birthday last night at The Village in Shreveport! It was a much better end to a week that started off pretty horribly for me. I am sorry if you have heard this story already, but for those of you who haven't let me share. (It's therapeutic) I was in a hurry Tuesday morning, and did not WAIT for the garage door to completely OPEN before I gunned it in reverse. CRASH! I hit door so hard that my car was stuck in the garage for most of the day until someone from Overhead Door could come get me out. The WHOLE DOOR has to be replaced, and I also did about $750 dollars damage to the back of my car. SHOOT! I felt so badly at first and really still do but Jeff and I have already been able to laugh about it because he has informed me the next time he does something like that, and let's face it accidents happen, that I can not say a WORD :)

Well, back to last night. It was a fabulous meal with great friends and a REAL treat! If you ever want a special occasion meal you should definitely check out The Village. (Hope that doesn't sound know-it-all but I love to get restaurant reviews.) Anyway, we had a blast and I was so glad we were there. Katie is such a special person and I am blessed to call her friend.


PS--Don't you love our "prom pic?" CLASSIC.

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Katie Best Clark said...

So sweet and such a great night! Can you tell I'm catching up on old blog post tonight instead of working out!! :)