Friday, February 11, 2011


Jeff and I are leaving in the morning for New Orleans, so I thought Preston needed a fun day just for him! Of course, I got a LITTLE shopping in, but for the most part the time was spent doing what he wanted to do in Monroe :) We took our first trip to Build-a-Bear and although he was a little overwhelmed at first he did a really good job. I am grateful that he didn't try to pick out many "accessories" because I think we got out of there pretty cheap :) The last picture is where he is giving his new puppy, named "Puppy", some love. Afterward, we rode the carousel, had Chick-fil-A and of COURSE a giant cookie. Our only bad patch was on the way home when he was exhausted and needing a nap--he was whining incessantly and I told him to stop. His reply, "Ok, I'll cry then." (then pronounced DEN) Oh my--he is getting a little too clever....

Wish me luck Sunday. My right arch is KILLING me but I guess I'll just have to run through the pain. I would like to say good luck to all the other Ruston Runners headed south for the race..we should be well represented :)

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