Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Breckenridge 2011:Three GREAT days of skiing!

It is totally not like me not to have many pictures when I get home from a trip but I really didn't take many these last few days as Jeff and I travelled to Breckenridge, CO with our good friends Nancy and Trotter Hunt. We left EARLY Friday morning for a flight out of Dallas, and were on the lift when it opened Saturday morning. We had two LONG days of skiing, with PERFECT weather, that were really the most fun I have ever had skiing. Now, I was definitely the weakest skier of the bunch, but I could definitely hang in there. We did not go all the way up to the "bowls" at the VERY top of the mountain but we did most all of the blacks at the top. I think I had the most falls-four total I think-but nothing serious. Sunday night, after a fun date night in town, I woke up in the night with matted up eyes and THE PINK EYE! I am so grateful to Dr. Luffey for calling me in meds because Jeff went with me to get my meds and we were on the lift by 9:45....and it was MUCH colder....and it was snowing....and snowing...and it was COLD! We lasted until about 3:00 and decided to stop when we couldn't see each other. It is EASY to get separated skiing with four people, especially when Trotter and Jeff fly down the mountain at mach speed :) Anyway, we called it quits and Jeff decided he wanted a massage so we decided to end our time with a little treat! We cooked at the condo Monday night to get ready for our early morning trip to the airport...
Boy were we in a hurry for nothing! Because of the weather in Dallas, our 10:40 flight was cancelled, we could not all get on the 2:40 flight, so we were bumped to the 5:20...which boarded at 6:15....which sat on the runway until 7:45...mountain! We decided to drive home at midnight in the ice and it was pretty bad until we got to Terrell then we made good time and got home about 3:30 this morning. It was a long day but we made it!
Thanks again to Gran-Gran, Grandfather, Nana and Pops for keeping Preston! We will definitely be taking him on our next ski trip!

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Halls said...

looks like you had a wonderful time! So glad! you guys deserve it. Glad you made it home safe