Saturday, September 25, 2010

Superhero Academy

My hats off to Katie for throwing such a precious "Superhero Academy" themed birthday party for Landon (4) and Kennedy (2) this morning! She really went all out--the kids even had personalized t-shirts, capes and masks to play in. It was a cute touch. As you can see there was also a "Gotham City" that I think Preston liked to knock down more than anything :) As always, it is always great so see good friends and spend time with all of your sweet children!!

On a side note, I think I know what Preston is getting for Christmas!! He LOVED riding the automatic John Deere tractor!!! Now, I used to say I would not buy Preston an "automatic" toy because I think kids need their exercise, BUT if you have ever seen my son in action you know that lack of movement is not an issue.....Oh, and sorry to anyone he might have run over!! Katie's Mom and the photographer I SAW get creamed....

Happy Saturday and GO DAWGS!

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