Sunday, September 19, 2010

Louisiana Tech vs Navy

As I have said before and will most certainly say again, it just isn't easy to be a Louisiana Tech fan!!!! The team looked SO good in the first half--were tied up going into the locker room--then came out and just did NOTHING the second half. My Dad and Jeff can give a more accurate stat but I think we just had two first downs the WHOLE second quarter. YIKES! Needless to say Navy pulled away and beat us in a heartbreaking first home game of the season.

Preston, however, was the big surprise of the night! I think any of you who visit this blog who are raising toddlers know that sitting still for a long period of time is just NOT something most kids will do. (There are those rare exceptions out there but we are just not one of them!) BUT, I will have to brag on my baby-man that for the most part he did a great job. Granted, I had to pull out ALL my tricks: cheetos, multiple cups of Sprite and OF COURSE my iPhone :) We stayed until there were just 3 minutes left in the game and I am actually looking forward to next week....IF it would just cool down some!

Oh, I almost forgot--the picture where Preston and Jeff are looking up they are checking out the B-52 flying overhead. Now, I'm not into planes or anything, but I will have to admit that seeing that beautiful bird fly over makes me feel incredibly safe AND incredibly proud to be an American!!!

Better luck next time DAWGS! We are proud of you!!! And as Preston says, "Roof! Roof!"

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jessie said...

this is random... in that pic of you and jeff - do you know the man behind you? is it wayne flemming? if so, y'all are sitting in the seats that i spent 18 years in. the memories... and, no, it isn't easy being a tech fan but at least no one can say we aren't loyal!