Sunday, September 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Pop!

Wow-it's been a pretty eventful weekend! My Dad turned 60 last Thursday, so we got together at the Bistro Friday night to celebrate! Isn't his cake THE CUTEST? My Mom had it made in Winnfield....

Saturday morning the girls left early to head down to Baton Rouge to make a final decision about Kendal's wedding dress and.......SHE HAS ORDERED THE DRESS! I can't offer to many details, should Kevin stumble upon the blog, but I can say she will be a STUNNING bride. The big boys played golf Saturday morning while Preston was home with a sitter, then they all watched college football together yesterday afternoon/evening. Too bad the Bulldogs did not pull out a win, but otherwise it was a perfect day.

We were all pretty tired from our long day, and decided to stay home from church this morning (we hardly EVER do this!) However, I have been very productive thus far: 4.5 mile run, trip to Wal-Mart at 7AM for essentials, car wash, fertilize roses, clean off back porch, change bedding....and it's not even lunchtime! Think I may nap later.

Have a great week and Happy Birthday Pop!

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