Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Is was by no means a major rennovation, and it is still not the "kitchen of my dreams" but I can not tell you how happy I am with the little facelift my kitchen underwent this summer. We had already changed the formica countertops to granite 3 1/2 years ago when we moved in, but the cabinets stayed "as is." After said amount of time living in what is a pretty tiny kitchen with those dark cabinets--I was about to lose my mind! Our home is built in Toma Lodge and Squire Creek--SL houseplan-and in each home the wall that separates my kitchen and living room is NOT THERE! So, instead of knocking out a wall we went with some cream cabinets. The way the lightness opened up the room really is amazing. The kitchen/back entry walls also got a fresh coat of light green paint (LOVE!) and the window treatment and shade were just installed today...
Which brings me to a question: Can you tell in the picture that the valance is not quite level? It seems the left set of cabinets above the sink are 1/4 inch (YEP!) higher then the cabinet set on the right. The very capable installer noticed this and pointed it out to me after he had installed the shade level, went to hand the valance level and it was CROOKED! SO, his suggestion was to compensate and knock the right side of the valance down 1/8 inch....but I still see the gap. Am I being ridiculous?
Hope all my blogsphere friends are doing well. Preston has a little summer cold-JUST PERFECT as his big pirate party is this weekend-so please pray he feels better by Saturday!!
love y'all!
PS-I FINALLY found fabric for my Master Bath curtains yesterday...I will post pics of in there when it is "finished."


The Dugdale Family said...

Shelley the kitchen looks great! I can't tell AT ALL about the valance. I know you're so glad it's complete

Halls said...

girl! you crack me up!!!! I had to read, and re read and look and look and look.....I can't see a thing!!!! All i know that it looks fabulous!! Hope P has a great time at his party tomorrow!