Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Good News/Bad News

I'll start with the bad news--I usually like to get it out of the way! Preston woke up this morning ON FIRE with fever, wanted nothing but to sit and watch Dora, and did not want juice OR his waffle. BAD SIGN! So, I called Green Clinic at 8am and got him a 9:00 appt. By the time his Motrin kicked in, he was more himself and even ate his waffle. We still went to the Dr....

TWO very miserable ear washes later (miserable both for Mommy and little man I assure you), we determined he just has a virus. Fever was 101.3 at the Dr, but I think it was creeping up and has been higher than that. By what measure am I determining that, you ask? Well, the Mommy Thermometer. Almost 100% accurate :) Hopefully this little virus will pass quickly. I sure hope so becuase it breaks my heart to see Preston this sickly.

THE GOOD NEWS: We're gonna have a tall one, folks! You know what they say about doubling the height at 2 years being the final height for a person. If that holds true, Preston Luke will be 5'11 1/2" tall! Here are his stats: Weight, 80th percentile; Height 95% percentile; Head circumference: 90% percentile. Aside from today, we have a thriving, JOY of a baby boy and I know I sound like a broked record sometimes but I am just SO GRATEFUL for the blessing he is in our lives.

I'll try to keep updating but for now lets just say no news is good news :) Happy Wednesday!

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