Saturday, August 21, 2010

Friday Fun

Even though Preston was still a little tired from his being sick this week, I decided to take him on a playdate yesterday with Mrs. Nancy, Mrs. Katie, Mary Laura, Alex and Cullen. We took the kids to the Northeast Louisiana Children's Museum in Monroe, then for a Chick-fil-A lunch and a mall Carousel ride. I think everyone had a great time! I had never seen the room with the cameras where you ride the kayak and it shows up on the screen. Cull-Cull and Preston loved that! I also included the pic of everyone in "jail" and the pic of Preston brushing the big teeth for his Pop :)
As you can tell, HORRIFIED does not begin to describe Preston's feelings about riding the horsey on the carousel. He reacted that way last time we tried so I almost didn't put him on it. However, there was an older boy-you know how he likes emulating older boys-on the little spinning seat and he LOVED that! Whew....then it was time for a three hour nap...for Mommy and Preston. We need to do this again soon :)

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