Saturday, May 1, 2010

Wounded Warrior

Well, I have said before that I wanted to use this blog to chronicle our lives, and sometimes that means having to post news that is less than celebratory. As you can see from the picture, Preston Luke is today sporting a wrist stabilizer device to aid in healing a fractured wrist. Wednesday afternoon, while I was on my hands and knees retrieving pajamas he had thrown underneath his changing table, he decided to kamikaze off his changing table. Almost immediately, I knew this wasn't an ordinary fall. I mean, if Wonder Pets doesn't work, and food doesn't work and a SIPPY CUP of JUICE is turned down...something is WRONG. Also, he was holding his left arm very close to his body, not using it and telling me, "Hurt, Mommy." Sooooo, we spent two and a half hours at the NLMC ER, and after an X-Ray and everything they basically sent us on our way and told us nothing was wrong, that it was all mental, but they did want us to follow up with an orthopaedic. Sooo, yesterday aftenoon I took him and who knows HOW the ER missed it but his wrist has a buckle fracture. Basically, they said it would heal just fine without the brace, but its purpose is to prevent further injury. We have a follow up appt in two weeks and the hope is that all will be healed.....Thanks for going on this journey with me....sometimes this blog is almost therapeutic :)

*addendum: WHY do I put Preston's food on a plate when he just takes it off?????

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The Tylers said...

Katie told me about Preston on Thursday. So sorry about the fall and fracture:(. Hope his arm heals quickly!! Let's get together soon for a run. Are you up for Mudbug this year???