Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mom's Day Lunch

I have blogged before about how blessed I feel to have been raised in a Christian home and most importantly was taught to love God by my Christian mother. I know Jeff feels the same way about his upbringing, and for that reason we just wanted to say a huge THANKS today! Now that I am a Mom, I feel like I have some pretty big shoes to fill in order to do even HALF as good a job with Preston as my Mom did with me and Jeff's Mom did with him. All I can do is look to the Lord, and pray daily for wisdom (ok and some patience!!).
Resa kept Preston overnight Saturday so Jeff and I slept in and skipped Sunday School but of course went to Worship and then to a yummy lunch at Squire Creek. Would you believe Preston Luke was using a rather large fork to spear his food and doing a pretty good job at it. Just another milestone met....I don't know that I will offer a fork with all finger food though, as he did make QUITE the mess :)
Much love to my Mom, Resa and to all ourGrandmothers-one living and three in Heaven-for providing such a shining example and for giving us so much LOVE over our years...

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