Sunday, May 9, 2010

Congratulations Rachel and Cole!

Jeff and I had a great time last night catching up with family and celebrating the upcoming marriage of Rachel Morgan and my cousin on my Dad's side Cole Farr. We were all guests at the BEAUTIFUL Perry home last night for the fete, and enjoyed yummy Thurmans Food Factory and of course cocktails by the pool...
Kendal is the only one that could talk her guy into a picture--had to add it because I thought it was a great one of both of them :)
On a more somber note, my Aunt Kristy (Cole's mom) has been diagnosed with a rare lung disease called LAM. She just got the diagnosis Friday, so the details are still forthcoming, but I KNOW we would all appreciate your prayers for her.
PS: THANKS Resa for keeping Paky last night so we could enjoy our evening and sleep in this morning :)

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