Sunday, October 11, 2009

Weekend happenings.....

have been, well, not too much! We (Preston and mommy!) were without power ALL DAY Friday and it was a LONG day! The family was all packed up headed out to stay with Resa when we looked inside and the lights were on--HOORAY!
Saturday Preston learned how to use his "Rolli-Pop" toy that Aunt Kendal gave him...this picture really does not do justice to how much FUN he had. THANKS Aunt K-K! Oh, he only liked the two-towers--the four towers was too long to wait for the balls to roll down....HE came up with the idea to use just the two towers :)
Then, I had to post a picture of his PRECIOUS birthday shirt from Nana that is embroidered with Old McDonald...he was a HIT at church this morning. Thanks again Nana for the GREAT find. Oh, and one of the reasons he was a hit was that I taught him how to "pray" and he was showing all of his teachers at school...too cute!
Hope you all have a great week!!!

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Same Monogram said...

Love the Old McDonald shirt! Preston looks so cute in his Pumpkin shirt too:-) He is so cute anyway!