Thursday, October 22, 2009

Preston Pan

I knew at 4:00 that it was not going to work. Preston was already getting tired and rubbing his eyes. However, we really wanted to attend our Sunday School Class Halloween Bash tonight at Brian and Shelley Mercer's beautiful home. Well, we're all back at home now :( Preston was SO TIRED and was very fussy--but was a HUGE hit as Preston Pan. I try to keep my blog posts very positive, because no one likes a whiner, but SERIOUSLY when is he going to be able to stay up a little later????? We are getting some serious cabin fever.....I can just hear Nana saying, "This too shall pass." At least I am going to get some beauty sleep for GIRLS WEEKEND IN DALLAS THIS WEEKEND!!! WHOOHOO!


The Tylers said...

No matter what you try, at this point entering in a new bedtime is almost impossible. Is he still napping twice a day? That may be a good way to push his bedtime back if his second nap is around 2ish. LGT is almost 2 and some nights she is in bed by 7.

Anonymous said...

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