Saturday, September 19, 2009


It is official....we have a new Louisiana Tech Bulldog FAN! Preston was a champ at the home opener tonight--and as usual he was a good luck charm to the Bulldogs! We even taught him how to make the "TOUCHDOWN" gesture and he did it throughout the game--sometimes just for show-but it was TOO cute! Nana, Pops, Resa, and Aunt Kendal were at the game as well, and Preston especially enjoyed his trip down to the sideline to see "Champ" the mascot! Both he and Pops were grinning ear to ear :)

And, on a completely unrelated note, Jeff and I did run the Race for the Cure this morning....but DON'T look up our time!!!! We missed the starting gun!!! I almost started crying because I had really trained hard and wanted to at least place in my age group :( Well, there's always next year...

Hope everyone is doing well. Our best to you all!!!

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The Tylers said...

Love those pictures and his shirt turned out cute;)!