Sunday, September 13, 2009

Headed to Worship!

Ok, I will admit it...I just had to take pictures this morning before church because I LOVE Preston's new little fall church suit! As usual, Daddy was did not like it quite as much, but I thought my precious was just cute as a button :)

Preston had a big morning at church, as he started the Early Christian Awareness (ECA) program during the Sunday School hour. The children are grouped by age, of course, and parents volunteer to teach the lessons to them for a month at a time. The message is very simple--that God loves His children, and that YOU are a child of GOD! So sweet. We are so grateful to have such a wonderful church that nutures our little ones as it does....

Not much else going on around here. Preston is still not at 100% (you can kind of see the circles around his eyes--flashbacks for Nana I am sure!), but hopefully he will get to feeling better soon. Have a great week!


jessie said...

i think it's a precious outfit! what do daddy's know?!?!

Halls said...

Yep, totally agree!...absolutely adorable. Jeff and Lance just need to give it up!! ;)