Sunday, February 22, 2009

Happy Mardi Gras!

Whew, we have had a whirlwind weekend at the Parker household. Preston spent Friday night in Winnfield with Nana, Pops, and Aunt Kendal so we could go to a dinner party with friends. Before we picked him up Saturday, Jeff and I sorted cans at CCA. Then, last night "Resa" camve over to put Preston to bed while Mommy and Daddy went to Ruston's Mardi Gras ball. We have had a lot of fun but are looking forward to some downtime today before my CRAZY week starts up. Please keep me in your prayers as I go tommorow to have a mammogram to make sure the abcess that prevented my breastfeeding is not really a cancerous mass. There is NO REASON for me to think that it is, but the surgeon wants to make sure!! Then, Preston starts MDO Tuesday and I am headed to Shreveport to train for my new consulting job. Well, that's about as far ahead as I can think right now and keep my sanity. Hope you are all doing well--spring is almost here!!

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