Monday, February 2, 2009

Goal Attained!

Even though I promised myself that I would not feel like a failure if I did not run my half-marathon under 2 hours, I REALLY had my heart set upon doing so!!! And I am proud to say, with a lot of support from my friend Nancy, that I finished in 1:57!!!! The race course in New Orleans was super flat, and I ran in grassy path of the trolley car when I could (easier on my feet!) At the fininsh, I was so emotional and had a MAJOR runner's high. I am so grateful for the support of my husband to allow me to have this experience. He had to do a lot of AM bottle duty while mommy was at the gym. Oh, and our room at the Ritz was fabulous--as was the post-race champagne brunch! We missed Preston Luke and were so glad to pick him up last night. Thanks again Gran-Gran and Grandfather!!

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