Tuesday, February 3, 2009

First Rice Cereal

Realizing that everyone in both Jeff and my family thinks we have been starving Preston, even though I have been following American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines for waiting until 6 months, I decided today to give Preston some rice cereal. Boy--did he LOVE it. He was lapping it up off the spoon and getting so excited he was breathing heavily--giving new meaning to the term "inhaling" your food :) He finished what I made for him initially, so Jeff was home and he went back to make MORE. As we speak, Jeff is giving him his last bottle and he is so stuffed he can barely finish it......hope he continues to sleep as well as he has been. Oh, and I am not upset at anyone for thinking it was time for me to do solids--you were right!! I am just a rule follower and thought the correct time would present itself. Hope everyone is having a great week......

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