Sunday, August 31, 2014


Well, the Parker boys have gone BACK TO SCHOOL!  It was a busy first week but we all survived :)  Mucho thanks to Nana for picking up boys two days last week when Mommy was giving people medicine because all of our sitters are busy with RUSH.  

Preston : is LOVING AEP, Mrs. Gearhart and most especially his THREE recess times.  I just can't get over how mature he is and how big he looks in his uniform!

John Cole:  is LOVING his new teacher at MDO Mrs. Megan and runs to the door to put on his shoes to go to school in the morning.  I would be telling a story if I said I wasn't a TAD sad he is too young for PreK 3 and is just doing another MDO year because he is VERY ready but that will all come in due time...

Prayers for all of the teachers and kids as we settle in for a great year!

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