Saturday, August 16, 2014

Preston's BIG 6th Birthday Splash!

The Parker family went to Splash Kingdom in Shreveport about this time last year.  Preston has been talking about having his 6th birthday party here for approximately 364 days .....

It was our first year to only invite a few special friends.  Hope no one gets upset or feels left out but these are some boys his age that he will be attending school with this Fall.  I had ALL of them in my ride on the way this morning and they were quite entertaining to say the LEAST!

All of the Mommas--and a Daddy--were there to help out today.  So we all enjoyed a fun Saturday with our kiddos.  I could not get over how FEARLESS Preston was.  He gets that from his Pop and Momma...

Hope you had a great party P!  I will post more on your actual birthday :)

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